Intercultural Workshops without fee

The Institute of Public Affairs invites students from across Poland to intercultural workshops, which will take place on 16-17 October 2014 at the WCIES (Stara St. 4) in Warsaw.

Do you want to find out about your own intercultural sensitivity and competence, and identify barriers impeding contact at the crossroads of cultures? Workshops on intercultural skills will help you to familiarize yourself with values and norms that are typical for various cultures, and also – on the basis of theories learned during the workshop – develop the ability to interpret them.

During workshops participants will:

  • Acquire the ability to understand the values and norms that are typical for various cultures
  • Learn how to identify barriers to communication at the crossroads of cultures – i.e., ethnocentrism, stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination
  • Understand how communication filters operate and their influence on the process of exchange of information between members of different cultures 
  • Learn how language influences the transmitted message
  • Open up to cultural differences

Workshops will be conducted in English.

Participants will receive a certificate confirming attendance at workshops. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs will be provided for persons outside Warsaw. Further information on the training course can be found in the schedule.

We only accept applications from persons who declare that they are willing and able to participate in the entire 2-day training course.

The workshops are aimed at students from countries outside the European Union.

Interested persons should send an application formby 13 October 2014  to the following e-mail address:

Space is limited.  If you have any questions, please contact Dominika Potkańska, project coordinator for the Migration Policy Programme IPA.

Tel: (22) 556 42 77 or e-mail:


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