Baltic Sommer School 2014 in Riga

This year, the Science Confederation IuK organise an International Summer School at the Riga Technical University under the aegis of the German Embassy in Riga. The DAAD* now supports the Summer School the tenth year.

The International Summer School offers special courses to support the internationalisation of education and the cooperation among the universities of the Baltic Sea Region. Aims are preparation for international Master and Ph.D. programmes in Germany, further specialisation in computer science and information technology and learning in a stimulated environment.
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This year's Summer School will be from 21st July to 4th August, 2014. Deadline for Application: 1st June, 2014
*The DAAD’s programmes have the following five strategic goals:
  • to encourage outstanding young students and academics from abroad to come to Germany for study and research visits and, if possible, to maintain contact with them as partners lifelong;
  • to qualify young German researchers and professionals at the very best institutions around the world in a spirit of tolerance and openness;
  • to promote the internationality and appeal of Germany’s institutions of higher education;
  • to support German language, literature and cultural studies at foreign universities;
  • to assist developing countries in the southern hemisphere and reforming countries in the former Eastern Bloc in the establishment of effective higher education systems.

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