Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences

The youngest faculty of the Cracow University of Technology is the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Information Science, which strives to theoretically and practically prepare graduates for independent modeling of reality and problem solving requiring the application of advanced information science techniques, methods of mathematical modeling, and the correct physical models. Education at the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Information Science is in response to the demand of companies that are in need of IT technicians, mathematicians, and physicists that can deal with the real problems of design, production, and management, as well as the creation of practical solutions for each of these problems.
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Courses 2016/17

The Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Information Science and the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology have jointly created the macro-course “Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials”. This offer of education necessitates knowledge of one foreign language at the fluency level of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council, as well as knowledge of specialized English language skills in the scope of technical physics and chemical technology. Within the scope of information technology, graduates of this macro-course will be prepared for obtaining the ECDL certificate. The framework of the macro-course predicts the education of students in two specialties: “Nanomaterials Technology” and “Nanostructure Engineering”.

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